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Introducing the design tokens file format (from Schema 2022)

The Design Tokens Community Group (DTCG) is defining a standard design tokens file format, which aims to make sharing design tokens between different tools seamless.

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Specbee teaches how Emulsify Twig makes it easy to write BEM CSS class names

The BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) methodology is a widely used naming convention for CSS classes that is popular because of the ease of use it offers. Find out how Emulsify Twig makes it easy in Drupal.

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Researching the state of Emulsify

The Emulsify project has grown a lot since it first launched in 2016. We have thousands of people using it across Drupal and WordPress and a vibrant community of contributors. To celebrate, we are working with you, the community, to create a roadmap for Emulsify that will guide us into the future.

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Frontend & Figma Magic, Building a Connected UI Kit for Emulsify

Website production has always progressed while navigating a broad divide: the line separating visual design and frontend development. Now, through Emulsify harnessing Figma’s design tokens plugin, design and development teams can enjoy an automated communication connection.

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Get ready to learn all about Emulsify with our fresh blog

We want to communicate what is going on in the world of design systems, Drupal themes, WordPress themes, design tokens, and Emulsify with you.

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