Emulsify is an open-source tool for creating design systems with reusable components and clear guidelines for teams.

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Unify your websites and teams with a design system

Complex organizations need a design system that simplifies development, encourages consistency, reduces maintenance effort, and scales quickly and affordably — without hampering flexibility for individual developers or departments.

Give your developer and designers powerful tools all in one place

Emulsify doesn’t just conveniently join your component library and style guide, but includes all of the workflow tools necessary for prototyping, testing, checking accessibility, and documenting.

Features of Emulsify

Technology and Design Leaders

Reduce development, maintenance time, and errors by reusing components and via automated testing

Create a consistent look and feel by reusing brand-standard colors, typography, and more

Designers and Marketers

Document brand and design guidelines for everyone to use

Make changes in one place and have them update everywhere

Automate accessibility testing for an accessible user experience


Automate testing to simplify prototyping and reduce development time

Encourage reuse across all properties to reduce errors, development and maintenance efforts

Maintain flexibility with support for multiple development languages and component customization

Emulsify isOpen Source

Emulsify is an open source project that’s free for everyone. Check out the project on GitHub and visit our support page for help.

Explore the Demo

Western University of Pennsylvania is a fictional university to show how Emulsify can be used to manage the design system for a school and all of its departments.

Built Using Well-supported Technologies Developers Love

Develop UI components with support for React and Twig

Deploy your style guide documentation as a blazing fast static site